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If you are a super hero fan you are probably wishing that someone would think up of a new character - After all how many iterations of Superman, Batman and Ironman can one watch? And, while putting them together like they did in The Avengers is fun, that too can get a tad boring! But fear not, because Pixar artist Everett Downing has been sketching brand new 'Supers' as he likes to call them, with all kinds of incredible powers - So far, he has dreamt up over 300 of them, and he is not done yet!

The Oakland-based artist who has worked on animation classics like Ratatouille, UP and Toy Story 3 says his quest began in 2010. Feeling like he was getting into a rut and not sketching enough, he made a New Year's resolution - To sketch a new super hero every day, for 365 days! To ensure that he did not over think the characters, Downing decided to restrict himself to an hour for each one. The results as you can see, are quite impressive.

The artist begins by giving every hero a name - Some like Rick-Saw and Re-Pete are just goofy word plays. Others such as 274X-Ray and Spydra sound cool. The rest? Well they are just random! While this may sound like a strange way to begin creating a super hero, it seems to work really well for Downing, who says that once he has a name, the ideas just start to pour.

Most of his Supers also have a story attached to them. A monster named Mulch, came to life when a horticulturist's grass growing solution accidently exploded all over the human, transforming him into - Yes you guessed it! A monster Mulch! Meat Mitts is a butcher's mutant son who is born with gigantic hands that he uses to administer justice on the streets.

Among the artist's favorites is Lance-a-lot - half man, half unicorn - A mythic crusader, whose weapons of choice are a sword made from righteous light and a wrath rainbow that shoots out from his horn!

Another favorite is a rather wacky superhero team called Dober-man and the Pincher. After getting bitten by his pet who happens to be a genetically altered, enthusiastic Doberman Pinscher, a veterinarian inherits the dog's two superpowers - speed and fury. From then on he and his canine become an invincible team who purse crime with dogged determination!

Since Downing didn't quite live up to his resolution of completing his 365 super hero characters in a year, he decided to add it to his list of things to do in 2013. Given that he has already created 16 so far, we would not be surprised to see him surpass his target!

So what is this amazing artist going to do with all the characters? He hints at maybe creating a stand-alone comic featuring only the best of his characters or perhaps even a guide book to all of the Supers - Unless of course, Pixar decides to license them all first! To see all of Downing's previous creations and keep up-to-date with his new ones check out 365supers. Be sure to let us know which one of them is your favorite, by adding your comments below.

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