Video Of The Week - Friesian Horse Is Stable Lock Opener Extraordinaire


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To say that Mariska, a Friesian mare who resides at the Misty Meadows Farm in Midland, Michigan is a smart horse, is an understatement. After all, which animal can figure out how to escape from its stable by deftly open the latch! If that doesn't impress you how about this? After she strolls out, Mariska calmly goes and opens the stable doors of her friends and encourages them to take off too!

And, it gets better - The one door she breezes right past even though it is adjacent to her own stable, is the one where her mother Trienke, who also happens to be the 'boss' mare resides! Mariska's owner, Sandy Donem says that they did not teach the horse to do this - It's a skill she has learnt by practicing really hard.

The smart horse began her quest by first learning how to grab the zipper tabs on her owner's jackets and pulling them up and down. Once she had mastered that, she began drawing out Sandy's hair ties and even grabbing and eating the jingle bells of an antler head band she was once wearing. Then came the opening and closing of paddock doors and finally, the stable lock!

In fact, it has gotten so bad that Sandra and her husband Don have had to install a second lock at the bottom of Mariska's door! We have a feeling that sooner or later, this smart mare is going to figure out how to open that too!


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  • kingsleylover
    I do lessons also at a diffrent place and none of the horses there know how to do that.
    • kingsleylover
      My friends horse knows how to take his treets out of a bin on his stable door and then he got caught but they didnt knw abt this untill the caught him!!
      • 147283
        14728312 months
        this article is Amazing I saw a horse one time unlock its cage
        • zamoria190
          zamoria190over 1 year
          i love horses too!!! one day i want to learn to ride one!
          • kingsleylover
            I love it all it takes is you half to do is beg your parents and do it over and over untill u get there to where they let u do a lesson.
          • tabitha12
            tabitha12almost 2 years
            My horse, Rabbi can do that too. he is an Arabian. He did it once and decided to go for a walk down the road (don't worry, it is a country road, so there weren't any cars and he didn't get hurt) I had to run after him, i finally caught up to him, and we were about 2 kilometers away from my farm so i rode bareback with no reigns (i'm used to it because i also have a mustang that doesn't like to have a saddle or reigns) back to the farm and ended up having to five extra locks on his stall door and extra chains on the gate to his paddock.
          • x_goddess_x
            x_goddess_xalmost 2 years
            Seriously? WOW!
            • gar208
              gar208almost 3 years
              That is cool! I love horses and especially Frisians.
              • tabitha12
                tabitha12almost 2 years
                I love Friesians too, my old Friesian had three foals (which is really rare for horses, and she died after) but, i named them Loki, Thor, and Hela.
              • riverdalegirl
                riverdalegirlalmost 3 years
                That's really cool. I love horses and especially Throughtbreeds.
                • tabitha12
                  tabitha12almost 2 years
                  yeah, my mom has a thoroughbred named Sunrise drive (Sunny). he is two now, and he is going to race at the queens plate horse race.
              • looloo12
                looloo12about 3 years
                I wish I had a horse that is a American saddlebred
                • blueandgold
                  blueandgoldabout 3 years
                  My friend lives on a horse ranch. Her horse, Splotch has learned how to lift up the boards to her paddock so my friend and her family had to nail all the boards of the paddock to the main post! WARNING: Horses are advancing!