Video Of The Week - Experience Felix Baumgartner's Epic Leap From The Edge Of Space


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On October 14th 2012, over eight million people worldwide tuned in to YouTube to watch Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner leap from the edge of space - 128,000 feet (24 miles) above sea level - and break the sound barrier as he came zooming down to earth.

While the footage that has been played and replayed millions of the times was stunning, it gave viewers only a peripheral view of Felix's surreal feat. Now thanks to a new video released by the event's main sponsor Red Bull to celebrate the first anniversary of the epic leap, the world can see exactly what Felix experienced during those heart-stopping ten minutes.

Be sure to keep an eye on the real-time readouts of the altitude, airspeed, G-force load and other mission data on the side and you will be able to see the exact moment when Felix hits speeds of around 830 miles per hour and becomes the first human to travel at supersonic speeds without a jet or space shuttle.

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  • kid600
    kid600over 5 years
    Mind Blowing
    • ceasar0923
      ceasar0923almost 6 years
      that looks like its cool
      • smiley4
        smiley4about 6 years
        I would have probably lost my lunch if I had done that but that was pretty cool! I might have done it if I didn't travel 800 miles per hour!
        • Jackieboyover 6 years
          I want to be an astronaut now
          • tiddlesover 6 years
            must of been a lot of money...$$$$
            • tiddlesover 6 years
              that's awesome I wish I could do that...WOW!!!
              • ctur123
                ctur123over 6 years
                I like the viedo
                • cruiser880
                  cruiser880over 6 years
                  • AJover 6 years
                    Oh my god!
                    • thepunking
                      thepunkingover 6 years
                      SO SCARY!He is very brave