One of the highlights of ringing in a New Year is watching the firework displays. With every city trying to outdo the other, the shows are getting increasingly spectacular each year. However until now, they have all been about pleasing our visual and auditory senses (at least for those that like the loud booms)! This year, London is planning an extravaganza that will not only be stunning to see and hear, but also, smell and taste! Welcome to the world's first ever edible fireworks show!

Working with British food scientists Bompas and Parr, the organizers have devised a way to incorporate fruit flavors and scrumptious smells to go along with the spectacular show. That means that every time the sky explodes with bright firecrackers, it will bring along with it, yummy treats like peach snow, banana confetti and giant zesty orange bubbles. These will not only smell like the real things but also, taste like them.

The best part is that they are edible which means that the hundreds of thousands of people that gather on the banks of the Thames River at midnight on December 31st, 2013, will be treated to a sweet experience like none other. And for those unfortunate souls that cannot be present for this multisensory experience, the organizers have teamed up with Vodafone to create a special fireworks mobile app. This will allow them to enjoy an augmented reality experience that is perfectly synched to the fireworks display, without leaving the comfort of their homes. Now that is what we call ringing in a sweet New Year!,