Video Of The Week - Pancake-omatic, A Contraption Even Wallace And Gromit Would Be Proud Of


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If the Pancake-omatic was available commercially, the advertisement would probably read something like this - 'From freshly laid eggs to fluffy pancakes in just a minute' ! Alas, this contraption which even Wallis and Gromit would have approved of, is one-of-a-kind built just for its amusement value!

Commissioned by Britain's The Happy Egg Co, the pancake maker, which took over 200 hours to build and another 100 to perfect, uses a mishmash of objects like an old-style gramophone, an electric whisk and even a throne upon which a 'Queen hen' can lay an egg that is crucial to the creation of a fluffy yummy pancake.

So here is how it works - The freshly laid egg rolls down a chute and nudges a wooden spoon that lies at the bottom. This in turn, helps to wind up the gramophone which starts to play some sweet music. However, the spinning record also serves another purpose - moving the egg to the other side that it can get cracked into a bowl filled with the rest of the pancake ingredients.

The bowl moves down a conveyer belt during which time the mixture is whisked. Then the contents are splashed into a hot pan - And voila! In 30 seconds, a fluffy pancake is flipped and ready to be devoured! While the Pancake-omatic will never make it to a store near you, it will be preserved forever at London's Design Museum in case, you need to see it with your own eyes!


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