Video Of The Week - Tiny Mini Cooper Performs An Amazing Back Flip


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The Mini Cooper is known for many things - Its affordability, great driving dynamics, good fuel efficiency and even, accommodating insane number of adults, albeit for a short period of time. Now the car makers have one more thing to brag about - It is the first car to ever perform a somersault on snow.

The amazing feat that took place sometime in mid-February in France's Tignes Commune located in the frigid Northern Alps, was performed off a ramp created solely from tightly-packed snow - A first, according to the car's manufacturer.

As you may guessed by now, this was no ordinary mini but a highly modified version built especially for a stunt such as this. And of course the person behind the wheels, former freestyle skiing champion and Rally driver Guerlain Chicherit, was no novice either! It therefore goes without saying - Don't even think about trying this out with your normal Mini Cooper and mum or dad behind the wheels!


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