Video Of The Week - Britain's Youngest Town Crier Is Eight!


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First there was nine-year old Quvenzhané Wallis, the youngest Oscar nominee for best actor in the history of the awards and now there is little Evie Cloy who at 8, just became Britain's (and probably the world's), youngest town crier!

Though not so popular anymore, in medieval England, one where there were no newspapers and most people were illiterate, town criers were the chief source of information for the residents. They were the ones that walked around the main streets announcing new laws, upcoming event and even informing people about things like food recalls. Not surprisingly, they are only about 150 of them left in the country now.

The tiny town of Creetown in Dumfries, England decided to join this minority group and held a competition on March 2nd, to select a new town crier. The only qualification required was a big voice, which Evie has in abundance - It also helped that no adult 'dared' to audition for the job!

Besides wearing an over-sized jacket and drawing the attention of residents with an ancient bell, Evie will also be required to make ceremonial appearances and announcements about things like upcoming local fairs and other local events - Sounds like a fun job to us!


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