Nordic Babies Take 'Chilling Out' To A New Level


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If you happen to visit the Nordic countries of Finland, Sweden,Iceland, Norway or Denmark, you may encounter a rather strange sight - Babies napping in their strollers outside homes, daycare centers and coffee shops even, during mid-winter when temperatures are below freezing.

However, this is not because Nordic parents or nannies are negligent caretakers, but because they are strong believers that fresh air, even the freezing kind, is healthy for babies and that providing them with as much of it as possible, makes them less prone to catching colds and other illnesses. Not only that, they maintain that the babies sleep longer and better outside, compared to when they are put to nap in a warm room.

Though this may seem counter-intuitive and even cruel, because parents in most other countries bundle their babies and huddle them into a heated room the minute they see the first flurry of snow, leaving their babies to 'freeze' has been part of the Nordic culture for many generations and, they are sticking to it!

The babies are of course well- bundled and the strollers weatherized so that they do not let the cold air seep in. But the sight is still enough to send shivers down most of our spines. So are these babies healthier than the 'wimpy' ones that are not allowed to get out even during mildly cold weather?

Nobody knows - That's because no extensive research as been done on either theory. And until there is, both sides will staunchly maintain that they are doing the healthier thing - What do you think? Be sure to let us know, by adding your comments below.


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  • canecorso10almost 4 years
    this is so cruel even if they did like it you shouldn,t do that to an infant
    • wolfdog
      wolfdogabout 4 years
      Many people also sleep better when the rooms are cooler, especially children and the elderly.
      • wolfdog
        wolfdogabout 4 years
        This is actually correct; the more cold air you are exposed too the more immune you are to colds. Many people catch colds in the winter because they are in their heated houses all the time, and then their bodes aren't prepared for such sudden conditions. This is also why my family keeps our room temperature at 65-67. It is pretty cool, so that's why we rarely get sick from the cold because our bodies become adaptive. Last night our heater stopped working, and it was actually 59! Guess what? Barely felt the cold lol
        • Princessabout 4 years
          It is kind of cruel, but the baby's look kind of warm. But I am nervous about somebody stealing them!
          • jesussaves
            jesussavesover 4 years
            I don't know what to think about this... I feel bad for the babies but they look warm and cozy! I'd be nervous about somebody stealing them though.
            • cat_lover123
              cat_lover123about 7 years
              That is horrible!!!!!!!!! They can freeze to death! poor babys.
              • drumbunker
                drumbunkerabout 7 years
                • The Popstarabout 7 years
                  so cute
                  • The Popstarabout 7 years
                    so cute
                    • abbyover 7 years
                      so cute