If you have always dreamt of discovering a bottle with a message during one of your jaunts to the seashore, you are in luck - Because right about now, there is a ginormous bottle, one so large that it had to be registered and insured as a boat, floating around somewhere in our oceans, just waiting to be discovered.

The 2,700 kg (5,952 lbs) bright orange bottle that was towed off the island of Tenerife, Spain and set adrift into the choppy waters of the Atlantic Ocean on March 15th, is a clever marketing gimmick by Norwegian soda company 'Solo' to create awareness of the orange-flavored drink all over the world. The seaworthy bottle-boat, which was conceived by vehicle design company owner Bard Eker, is fitted with navigation lights, an automatic identification system, a radar reflector and a GPS tracking device - All, powered by the solar panels fitted on the exterior surface.

Inside the bottle, is a case of the 'solo' and a 129sq.ft. long letter that lays out in numerous languages the 'grand prize' for the person that finds the bottle. In case you are curious, it is going to be a party, hosted by the soda company in the town nearest to where the bottle is discovered.

To make it interesting for the folks that live inland, the company has set up a competition asking people to guess where they think the bottle will eventually wash up. The person that gets it right, is entitled to one bottle of the real drink for each nautical mile the bottle travels. Depending on how far it floats this could amount to a lot of free soda!

So, if you happen to live near a beach or are planning a vacation to one, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this ultimate 'message in a bottle'.

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