2013 Gumball 3000 Rally Lineup Includes Street Legal Batmobile!


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On May 18th, 2013, over 120 exotic cars will gather in Copenhagen, Denmark to participate in the Gumball 3000 Rally, a 3,000-mile trek that will take them across 13 counties all the way to the beautiful shores of Monaco. While the lineup will include many specimens of the world's most expensive cars none, will arouse as much excitement and curiosity as the replica of Batman's Tumbler AKA Batmobile.

Commissioned by the members of Saudi Arabia's Team Galag, the car which is rumored to have cost $1.6mm USD, was built by Parker Brothers Concepts, the same company that constructs vehicles for SyFy's Dream Machines, a reality series about expensive concept cars.

It weighs 2.5 tons, sits 2 feet higher than the Hummer H1 and is fitted with a powerful 6.2 liter V8 engine. With a top speed of 200 mph it can compete and probably outrun the fastest Ferrari. However, the Gumball 3000 Rally is not about speed or winning - Just an opportunity for owners to show off their expensive cars.

Now in its 15th year, the first event was organized by former British racing driver, fashion designer and entrepreneur, Maxmillion Cooper in 1991, as a party for 50 of his closest friends. Today, the event has become extremely popular amongst both the participants and car fans all over the world. While the rally is open to anybody, with an entrance fee of $120,000 USD, it is not for the faint of heart or wallet! However, there is no charge to drool over and admire the cars and their famous drivers - which include Hollywood stars, famous athletes, musicians and successful businessmen.

In order to ensure that everyone in the world gets the chance to admire the cars, the route changes every year. This year, drivers participating in the six-day event will make stops at Helsinki (Sweden) St. Petersburg (Russia), Tallinn (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), Warsaw (Poland), Vienna (Austria) and finally Monte Carlo (Monaco). So if you live close to any of these areas or are planning to visit, be sure to keep your eyes peeled - For while you may get the opportunity to see the exotic line-up of cars again, it will probably not include the Batmobile!

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