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Thanks to the Internet, we now do everything, ranging from shopping to banking and even watching movies, electronically - While this has made life a lot easier, it has also resulted in the creation of numerous password combinations that have to be kept track of. Now thanks to Regina Dugan, Senior Vice President of Advanced Technology and Projects at Motorola, there may be an unusual solution - A daily pill!

The researcher, who prior to joining Motorola was the first female director of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) said that she embarked on this innovative idea because she wanted to fix “the mechanical mismatch between humans and electronics”. And while it may sound like a futuristic dream, Dugan has already figured it all out and even has prototype that she debuted at Wall Street Journal's prestigious, All Things Digital Conference that took place in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California, at the end of May.

Working in partnership with a company called Proteus Digital Health that already has clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for an ingestible sensor, albeit for use as a medical device, she created a tiny pill that embeds a small chip with a switch. When swallowed, the acids in the stomach serve as electrolytes and help power the chip - This in turn, prompts the switch to turn on and off intermittently and send 18-bit ECG-like signals through the entire body. The result? the arms act like wires and fingers, like alligator clip electrical connectors.

Hence, as soon as the person that ingested the pill touches any of his/her personal electronic device or even car or house door, it automatically authenticates him/her and allows complete access - As Dugan succinctly puts it - They gain their first superpower! What is not clear however, is what would happen if someone else gets hold of the pill and decides to swallow it!

Little queasy about swallowing an electronic pill? Not a problem. Dugan may soon have another alternative - A temporary sticker tattoo that Motorola is developing with MC10, a company that specializes in 'stretchable circuits'. Simply stick it on your arm and you are ready to access anything your own.

Which one would you prefer? Taking a (hopefully) yummy password pill or slapping on an electrical circuit tattoo onto your arm? Be sure to let us know, by adding your comments below.


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  • The mew manover 4 years
    So cool!
    • so33333over 4 years
      tattoo are beter
      • @_@almost 5 years
        First of all,how wold they hack a pill?!Or a tattoo?!?!?!Second of all,I could just write down my passwords on a piece of paper.
        • Mealmost 5 years
          I need the pill soooooooooooo much cause I forgot my game password and it is so complicated I never got hacked. Even though, the tattoo will freak me out completely.
          • horseridinggirl
            horseridinggirlabout 5 years
            Couldn't someone hack that? They could unlock your devices while you're not there and get into it later or they could swallow it themselves and open everything. The tattoo could also probably be hacked, not to mention it looks REALLY weird, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one of those.
            • Coolabout 5 years
              That's so weird
              • Pokemon pokemonabout 5 years
                • wickedreaderover 7 years
                  I agree. I don't think we r any safer with a pill in our stomachs. Trademarksn it comes out through our poo. It sounds like a waste of money. Someone else could swallow the pill. Instead it could help people who can't use their arms or legs. It is very dangerous someone could Rob US to easily.
                  • aphphilippines
                    aphphilippinesover 7 years
                    Pill, definitely the pill.
                    • ilovemydog
                      ilovemydogover 7 years