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With 'smart' technology being incorporated into almost everything around us it is not surprising to hear that it is now also making its way to apparel. First there was Cute Circuit's 'twitter' gown and now, dresses that move to acknowledge their admirers.

At first glance the ensembles that have been called (No)Where and (Now)Here, appear to be like normal, albeit wispy and rather shapeless dresses - However, try staring at them and they will slowly, but surely, begin moving in your direction. And if you think you can get away with admiring them in the dark, think again - Recognizing that their wispy movements will be unnoticeable, the smart dresses light up!

The genius behind these creations is Montreal-based Chinese designer Ying Gao who worked in collaboration with robotics engineer Simon Laroche, to conjure up the interactive dresses. In order to keep them as lightweight as possible they first selected the world's lightest material - shredded and ruched super organza. Then they cleverly embedded tiny eye-tracking electronic devices that monitor admirers and motors that allow the light material to turn toward them. The light up effect is produced by the photoluminescent thread, with which the dresses are sewn,

The two dresses that were unveiled by the designer at the end of June are now making their way to the Shanghai Museum Of Contemporary Art where they will be on exhibition until Spring 2014, after which they will return to their country of origin and be exhibited at the Textile Museum Of Canada in Toronto, for all to admire! This is not the first time the innovative designer has designed moveable attire. In 2011, she created two masterpieces - One that furled and unfurled in reaction to light and another that moved as though it was live and breathing.

Though interactive materials and creations like these are still just one-off pieces of art, we sure hope that some of this fun technology makes its way into mainstream apparel soon!,

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