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You may have often heard your parents say 'life is short' - But to most of you the average American lifespan of 79 years or 28,835 days probably feels like an eternity. However, break it down into the chunks of time you spend doing mundane things like eating, drinking, sleeping or working and you will realize that as usual, they are right!

To make it easy to visualize, ZeFrank, who is known for his thought-provoking YouTube videos took data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and used it to create a fascinating one with 28,835 jellybeans representing each day of an average American's life. He started by removing 5,475 beans or 15 years - the time it takes to get to adulthood.

Then began the fun part of removing chunks of beans that adults spend on various day-to-day activities - 8,477 sleeping, 1,635 eating (includes buying and preparing food), 3,202 working, 1099 commuting . . . and the list goes on. By the time he is done, there are about 3,000 or 8 years worth of beans left - the number of days that most us have to make a difference! Suddenly 79 does not seem like a big number does it? So stop procrastinating and start living - Life is really short and . . . sweet!


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  • aguillin000
    aguillin000over 7 years
    that is alot of jelly beans i cant spend all my life eating those nasty things because i cant even eat those things there to nasty to eat.
    • candiover 7 years
      Now I kind of want to worry because in school an experiment about how many days old we were now I feel really old even though I'm not
      • # jellybeans almost 8 years
        love jellybeans who doesn't
        • loolooalmost 8 years
          i love eating jellybeans so to bad i cant eat my life away in jellybeans
          • Meover 8 years
            That's not true cuz I don't have a tv, I spend a whole lot more time doing chores, etc. I'm not your average american ^^ and all americans and people are different sooo
            • #yobroover 8 years
              That is cool, but I think my schedule is different because I don't watch a lot of TV.
              • Anonymousover 8 years
                Yeah sort of sad
                • jonover 8 years
                  spend it in jelly beans
                  • dubutch
                    dubutchalmost 9 years
                    cool I guess I better do something useful instead of posting this comment :)
                    • coolgallacey
                      coolgallaceyabout 9 years
                      That is a lot of jelly beans.