Observant 10-Year-Old Saves Elderly Neighbor's Life



A ten-year-old from Howell, Michigan is being hailed a hero thanks to his persistence that led to saving the life of an elderly neighbor. The chain of events unfolded late in the evening on Saturday, January 26th, when Danny DiPietro was being driven home from hockey practice by his dad.

That's when the young boy noticed an open garage and a figure that he believed was a dog outside a condominium complex near his house. Given the extremely cold weather, the young boy got a feeling something was not right. But instead of dismissing it like most kids his age would have, he insisted that his mother, Dawn, go investigate what was going on. Dawn tried to convince Danny that no one would leave a dog out in such frigid weather, but he refused to take no for an answer.

Dawn finally succumbed and decided to take a stroll to the area with the family dog and see if there was any truth to Danny's hunch. Sure enough, as she got closer to the condominium complex she noticed a garage that was wide open and a hunched up figure, waving frantically. Upon getting there, she realized that it was not a dog the young boy had seen, but Kathleen St. Onge. The 80-year-old had slipped on some ice in her garage and had been lying there for two hours, unable to get up.

Dawn rushed home to get her husband for help and call 911. The two then returned with some blankets to cover Ms. St. Onge, while they waited for the ambulance to arrive. Though still in hospital, the elderly woman is recovering well and eternally grateful to Danny, for following up on his hunch!

Resources: news.yahoo.com, today.com

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          Danny has a great heart and a good eye! You go Danny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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            So cute! This reality situation should be turned into a book, and say, "My Life, and Hers, (Based on a real story)". So heartwarming!!
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