This Valentine's Day, Impress Your Sweetheart With . . . Tomatoes, Figs and Brussels Sprouts?


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Let's face it - Valentine's Day can get a little predictable. Year after year of receiving the same bouquet of roses and box of candy can take its toll, even on the people who love you dearly. That is probably why these innovative entrepreneurs have conjured up some unusual treats - heart-shaped fruits & vegetables, and bouquets put together from a special crossbreed of healthy Kale and Brussels sprouts.

The heart-shaped vegetables are the brainchild of Spain's Zayintec Inc., that has created molds that can be used to naturally transform the shape of fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and pears into perfect hearts. All the user has to do, is place the desired produce inside the mold when it first sprouts from the plant. As it grows, it changes from its original shape to a heart that is guaranteed to bring a big smile on the face of any lucky recipient. Since the molds come in a number of different sizes, they can be used on almost any fruit or vegetable.

For those that do not have the green thumb or patience to grow their own, there is hope. In 2013, the company partnered with researchers from Tecnova Technology Center to manufacture the produce on a commercial scale. Unfortunately, the heart-shaped fruits and vegetables are currently available only in European stores, which means that this year, you will have to settle for the same old boring chocolates! In case you decide to get the molds and try grow the produce yourself, consider getting the star-shaped mold too. That way you can also (literally) dish out some unique gifts this Christmas.

Of course cute as they are, presenting a plate of heart-shaped vegetables and fruits may not seem sufficient. After all, nothing says 'I love you' quite like a bouquet of flowers. That is why the farmers of Lincolnshire in England have come up with a beautiful crossbreed of two heart-healthy vegetables - Brussels sprouts and Kale! Called flour sprouts, the combination has resulted in some gorgeous purple and green blooms. The best part is, that unlike roses that wither away, these can be transformed into a healthy casserole after they have been enjoyed! Yum!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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