Video Of The Week - The Epic Man Vs. Machine Ping Pong Showdown


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First, it was the Rubik's Cube solving Lego robot and now, one that not only plays ping pong, but also, has the audacity to challenge one of the world's best players - Germany's Timo Boll. Meet the incredibly fast Kuka robot, which is built for manufacturing, but certainly seems to have a knack for ping pong.

But before you start worrying that robots are taking over our world, be assured that the agile machine was simply demonstrating its skills to celebrate the March 11th opening of Germany's Kuka Robotics factory in Shanghai, China. Though it is not clear how much of the game is Hollywood magic and how much is real, as the 'behind the scenes' recording shows, Kuka does have the skills to return and field shots, which in itself, is pretty impressive. As to who won this first ever ping pong duel between man and machine? You will have to find out for yourself, by watching the video!


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  • unknownchomper
    unknownchomperabout 6 years
    • cool man over 6 years
      how would you create something that fast reacting
      • OUTRAGEOUS!over 6 years
        Outrageous acts of science is a show by the way.
        • OUTRAGEOUS!over 6 years
          They had this on outrageous acts of science, and the guy won, but I think the robot let him, either that, or the guy let the robot score some points.
          • lego lover over 6 years
            who won?
            • undertale fanalmost 7 years
              • Mealmost 7 years
                This is a vary interesting article. I am into table ennis, and I think that this is cool!
                • Pottergirlalmost 7 years
                  YEAH!!!!! I really liked that article.
                  • Pottergirlalmost 7 years
                    • bobaabout 7 years