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We have all enjoyed the first two 'electrifying' adventures of Nick and Tesla, the 11-year old fraternal twins who live with their Uncle Newt, an eccentric but brilliant scientist. With today's unveiling of their third adventure: Nick And Tesla's Secret Agent Gadget Battle, we thought it was time to sit down with Science Bob, one of the masterminds behind this fun series and get him to reveal some insights about the book series and what lies ahead for the young scientists. Curious? Read on . . .

Why did you decide to write the Nick & Tesla Series?

Steve Hockensmith (the book's co-author) found me on-line and contacted me about the concept. I thought it was a perfect way to inspire an interest in science, tinkering, and innovation. I was on board right away!
Does Nick remind you of yourself when you were younger?
Both the twins do. I was the kid that was turning over rocks to look for critters, building model rockets, and taking apart the VCR. I was always curious about the world. It wasn't until later that I realized that I was really developing into a scientific thinker.
You have taught some famous celebrities like Dylan & Cole Sprouse, and Hillary Duff. Can you tell us about any funny incidents/scientific accidents that occurred with them?
It was a blast - I would travel around to movie and TV sets to tutor young actors. Sometimes they would arrive to the classroom trailer with torn clothes because they just finished a scene where they were battling a robot. One time I was blasting off a water powered rocket in the Universal Studios backlot. The rocket fired right as a tram tour was going by and ended up on its roof. Needless to say, we never saw the rocket again.
Tell us about your science mobile - Is that where you practice your experiments before weaving them into Nick and Tesla's exciting adventures?
The Science Mobile is an ambulance which was converted into a traveling science lab. It has counters, shelves, microscopes, and flasks ready to go. Right now it is in retirement, but it may make a grand return in the future. Most of the Nick & Tesla projects are built at a local maker-space that I have a work station at.
Tell us about Nick & Tesla's most amazing feat
In High Voltage Danger Lab, I like the way Nick & Tesla use the Dog-Distracting-Soda-Powered-Cat to go and rescue the rocket that they had blasted over a neighbor's wall.
Tell us about Nick & Tesla's biggest disaster.
Luckily, Nick & Tesla have a pretty strong level of common sense. Their Uncle Newt on the other hand is no stranger to disasters as experiments and inventions constantly go wrong.
What's next for Nick & Tesla?
We don't want to give away too much, but let's just say that things will soon be going a little awry at the local science museum and it might not be the adults that get things back under control.
If there was one thing you would like your readers to learn from Nick & Tesla, what would it be?
I hope that the books inspire our readers to be makers - to build gadgets that are fun and useful and explore the process of invention and innovation. These are the kids that will go on to get us to Mars, help alleviate the energy crisis and design inventions that solve the problems of the future.
Is this Nick & Tesla's last adventure?

Last adventure? Not a chance. There are still mysteries left to solve and gadgets to build. The summer is just getting started for Nick & Tesla! So stay tuned!

A final question - What is your most favorite science experiment to date?

That's tough, given that there so many cool ones. The one in the video below, definitely ranks high on the list.

'Science Bob' Plugfelder is an award-winning elementary school science teacher. His fun and informative approach to science has led to television appearances on the History Channel and Access Hollywood. He is also a regular guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Dr. Oz. Show and Live with Kelly & Michael. He lives in Watertown, Massachusetts.
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