Video Of The Week - Tiny French Bulldog Wards Off Bears From Family Home


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Photo Credit: YouTube (screen capture)

Jules, a 20-pound French bulldog may not seem like much of a guard dog. But don't let his small size and sweet demeanor fool you. That's because when it comes to protecting his family, the tiny canine is as effective as the most aggressive dog breed.

The fearless pooch's bravery was put to test a few days ago when a family of three bears, two cubs, and a mother, sauntered into the front yard of the family home in Monrovia, California. Instead of shying away from the large animals that were looking for food, Jules confronted the two baby bears.

Photo Credit: YouTube (screen capture)

The incident which was caught on the security cameras shows that after being relentlessly chased by the fiercely barking animal, the two bears decided it was not worth the risk and scurried away into the nearby woods. Though the mama bear was not caught on tape, according to the brave dog's owner David Hernandez, she too left soon after! Whether the animals will keep away for good remains to be seen, but the Hernandez family knows that they can always count on their little pooch to keep them safe!


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