Wichita Seniors Prove That Pranks Do Not Have To Be Mean-Spirited To Be "Cool"



Every year, high school seniors across the country prank their teachers and principals. Some pranks are funny, others borderline cruel, but few are as heartwarming as the recent one pulled by the students of North High School in Wichita, Kansas.

On February 25th, Principal Sherman Padgett was approached by senior Emily Jones, who asked that he stand in the hallway with an empty bucket. Initially, the head of school brushed off the request as a joke. However, when he found the bucket placed on his desk, Padgett realized she had been serious. Not knowing what to expect, he decided to consult his secretary, Valerie Johnson about the best course of action. Padgett says, “Valerie just kind of gave me that look and said, ‘Go out and hold the bucket. It’s a senior prank, and it’s going to be good."

Turns out she was right. As Padgett stood in the hallway holding the bucket, the graduating class of 400 "pranked" him with thank-you notes. Most students had a special memory of how the principal had touched his/her life during their four years and wanted to let him know that they appreciated it.

The unusual prank is the brainchild of Emily Jones. The young girl attributes the brilliant idea to her mother who suggested that they veer away from typical high school pranks and do something nice for a change. Working with her guidance counselor and two friends, Emily designed the thank you cards that featured the Dr. Seuss poem “How did it get so late so soon?" on one side and a blank space for a personal note on the other. The cards were then printed and distributed to all the seniors.

Needless to say, Padgett who has been at the school for eight years is overwhelmed by the outpouring of gratitude. The principal says that what's even more heartwarming is that the thank-you notes keep coming - many scribbled on post-its and scraps of paper from underclassman who also want to express their gratitude for all he does to make their lives better, every single day.

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