Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Plans To Build His Very Own 'Jarvis'


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It is the beginning of a new year. This means that most of us have a lengthy list of goals laid out for the next 365 days. Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg is no exception. While his past resolutions have been mundane challenges like reading two books a month, meeting a new person every day of the year and mastering Mandarin, this year the Internet mogul has a loftier goal. He wants to build his own version of Tony Stark's (AKA Iron Man's) digital assistant and closest friend, Jarvis (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System).

The 31-year-old entrepreneur who announced his resolution on Facebook on Sunday, January 3, said his yet-to-named artificial intelligence (AI) assistant will feature facial recognition technology so that it can let in family members and friends into the house. The digital assistant will also be programmed to keep a vigilant eye on Zuckerberg's newborn daughter Maxima, and alert him of any unexpected disturbances.

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Best of all? The virtual assistant will be able to create holograms similar to the ones sketched by Jarvis to help Tony Stark design Iron Man suits. Of course, in this case, it would not be to help Zuckerberg become a superhero, but to enable him to visualize data in virtual reality — Something the entrepreneur believes will help him lead Facebook more efficiently and build better services.

And if you think Zuckerberg plans to get assistance from Facebook's team of ace engineers, think again. The programmer plans to code the system all on his own simply because "It's a different kind of rewarding to build things yourself."

Besides, he thinks the task should not be that difficult given that much of the technology is already available. For example, the entrepreneur plans on leveraging Amazon Echo's voice command technology to control the music, lights, temperature, etc. inside his home.

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Zuckerberg, who has promised to keep fans updated on his progress via Facebook, says that if successful, he will share the technology with the rest of the world! This means that someday soon we may all be able to build our own personal digital assistants. Can resolutions get any better?

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