First Lady Michelle Obama and LeBron James doing the Mannequin Challenge. (Photo Credit: Cleveland Cavaliers via Twitter)

The Mannequin Challenge is the latest viral Internet video trend that is taking the world by storm. As the name indicates, it involves being frozen in action for about a minute while the video is being recorded, usually with a catchy tune playing in the background.

It is believed that #MannequinChallenge was started by students from Edward H. White School in Jacksonville, Florida on October 26. Since then, everyone from Hollywood celebrities like Kevin Hart, to tennis star Novak Djokovic to First Lady Michelle Obama, have joined in the fun. The challenge even reunited Destiny’s Child singers Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams!

Hillary Clinton and Bon Jovi participate in the Mannequin Challenge (Photo Credit: YouTube screen capture)

How long the craze lasts remains to be seen. Given that it requires very little talent, the fad may stick around longer than most. However, you never know, so be sure to complete your Mannequin Challenge before it’s too late!