Americans Expect To Spend Over $21 Billion On Mother's Day


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In 1907, Anna Jarvis began a campaign to convince lawmakers to designate a special day to honor America's mothers. Many individual states began celebrating Mother's Day by 1911. However, it was not until 1914 that Woodrow Wilson finally managed to persuade the U.S.Congress to set aside the second Sunday of May to honor moms.

The former U.S. President proclaimed it as a day to publicly express our love and reverence for the mothers of our country. Little did he know that Americans would comply with his wishes by transforming Mother’s Day into the third biggest consumer spending event of the year — Right after winter holidays and back to school/college season.

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This year, Americans expect to spend $21.4 billion, or about $172.22 per person. This is slightly higher than last year's record $21.2 billion and almost a 60% increase in spending since 2009. So what do we spend all this money on?

According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Foundation (NRF), a bulk of it will be on jewelry ($4.2 billion) and dinner, brunch or other outings ($4.1 billion). Flowers, accessories, and consumer electronics are the next favorite gift of choice, with about $2 billion spent on each. CD's, personal services like spa days, and housewares, are some of the other gifts that moms receive from their loved ones on this special day.

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Not sure what to get mom? A recent survey by revealed that mothers cherish gifts that are personal. This means that you do not have to spend wads of money to make your mom happy. A handmade card or photo of a special memory you shared with her will do the trick. Alternatively, set aside all your electronics and spend the day just chilling with mom. In addition to making her day, it will also be fun!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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