Video Of The Week — Doggy Ice Cream Parlor Is A Success With Canines

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Photo Credit: Don Paletto/Facebook

All canine owners know that feeding their pets regular ice cream can result in serious health issues. Many dogs are lactose intolerant and consumption of dairy upsets their digestive systems. Moreover, just like in humans, eating large amounts of sugar causes dogs to become hyper and unfocused, and can also result in dental cavities, diabetes, and obesity. Now, thanks to Mauricio Montoya, some lucky dogs in Mexico City are finally able to enjoy the frozen treat without their owners worrying about any harmful side effects.

Photo Credit: Don Palleto/Facebook

The owner of Don Paletto Ice Cream says, “We wanted to make a dessert for dogs because there are already treats like strips of jerky, bacon, and cookies for them on the market, but few proper desserts.” Montoya consulted with various veterinarians before creating a recipe that was both safe and delicious. Called “heladogs — a play on helado, the Spanish word for ice cream — the doggy ice cream is made using organic, lactose-free, and sugar-free yogurt, honey, and fruit flavors. To make it even more gut-friendly, Montoya added Lactobacilli, a probiotic agent that aids digestion in both humans and animals.

Photo Credit: Don Palleto/Facebook

Pooches can select from frozen cones or lollipops that are available in a variety of cleverly named flavors, such as “Gentleman” and “Lucky Lucky.” While there is no verbal confirmation, judging from the wagging tails and eager licks, the pooches appear to be loving ice cream as much as humans do. The best part is that “heladogs” is perfectly safe for people, allowing owners to eat, a scoop or two, alongside their pets without feeling guilty!


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  1. Why is normal ice cream not good for dogs?
  2. Why did Mauricio Montoya decide to make ice cream for dogs?

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“Montoya consulted with various veterinarians before creating a recipe that was both safe and delicious.”

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