Happy Fourth Of July And Summer!


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Happy Fourth of July to our US DOGOnews readers! Hope you are enjoying the country’s 242nd Independence Day and the summer holidays with family and friends. Talking about breaks, it is time for the DOGOnews team to take a short one and prepare for the upcoming school year. We will be back before you realize it with more exciting and fun news.

Meanwhile, be sure to browse through our 3000+ published articles. You are guaranteed to find some that you missed or rediscover old favorites. And for those of you still on the fence, there is still time to join our Summer Reading Program and win free books.

Also, don't forget to share your summer (or winter) adventures with your DOGOnews pals, by adding your comments below.

Have A Fabulous Summer!

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  • dinobasketball7
    dinobasketball7almost 2 years
    It's weird how most people just celebrate the 4th of July with parties and fireworks. What we should REALLY be celebrating is America's independence and freedom.
    • mopumyzo-160029735375
      Those fire works are so beatiful
      • lpsbrooklyn13
        lpsbrooklyn13almost 3 years
        The fourth of July is my birthday. Sorry if I'm bragging I don't know how it happened.
        • lpscollie01
          lpscollie01about 3 years
          Th 4th of July is my birthday I'm not kidding at all!!:-) I'm so lucky!!! Follow me!!!
        • kylie20423
          kylie20423over 3 years
          i loved this
          • Ginover 3 years
            I don't know whether to join the army or airforce... Hmmmn
            • piover 3 years
              i love summer to its the best
              • wolfdog
                wolfdogalmost 4 years
                You know what's great? It always makes me smile when people say they want to live the American dream. Meaning they want to work and have a good life in the USA. I'm glad many people from across the globe come into the USA and believe in America's everlasting freedom and rewards. I am glad people praise the USA, the United States of America, for being one of the best and most powerful countries in the world. I'm glad America is the most advanced country with their laws, medicine, and military. I am glad America can feed it's people. I am glad America will fight for other countries. I am glad respects and loves their soldiers so much. I am proud to be an American. Thank you, our founding fathers, first president, the people who participated in the war during 1765 and many others. I love seeing red, white, and blue. Justice, purity, and hardiness. That is the most patriotic you can get.
                • deafgirlhistory
                  That`s very patriotic speech that i ever heard! I also proud to be American, too! I followed you! I plan to join military but I can`t because I`m Deaf but in future when i grown-up, i will fight against unfair law!
                  • mopumyzo-160029735375
                    Beautiful speech.
                    • lpsbrooklyn13
                      lpsbrooklyn13about 3 years
                      Omg!!! That is such a great speech!I'm following you pleez!
                    • Emmaalmost 4 years
                      I love summer!
                      • Emmaalmost 4 years
                        Happy super super super super super super super super super super super super late 4th of July! Everyone!