Free Comic Book Day 2019 Offerings Include Special Issue Of The Avengers And More!


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Free Comic Book Day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday in May (Credit:

Comic book lovers, or anyone who enjoys free things, will be pleased to know that Saturday, May 4, 2019, is Free Comic Book Day. This means that you and your friends can walk into any one of the 2300+ participating vendors worldwide and obtain a copy of one, or more, of the 51 graphic novels that have been specially published for the event, without paying a cent.

Now in its 18th year, the global event, celebrated annually on the first Saturday of May, is the brainchild of comic book retailer Joe Field. The proprietor of the Concord, CA-based Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff came up with the idea in 2002, after observing the success of ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day. Believing giving away comic books would expose a new generation of readers, both young and old, to the magical world of graphic novels, he suggested the idea to fellow retailers, publishers, and distributors. Not only did everyone agree, but the publishers also volunteered to release special issues in honor of Free Comic Book Day.

Marvel has created a special Avengers comic for Free Comic Book Day (Credit:

Since this year's event coincides with the release of Marvel's blockbuster movie Avengers: Endgame, it is only fitting that a special comic featuring the superhero team be among the free offerings. While the details of the plot have not been revealed, Marvel promises that the issue, which will feature two stories, will be "one of the most dynamic and deadly versions of the Avengers ever." Select retailers will also be handing out a button featuring the comic book's cover art.

Spider-Man fans will be thrilled to know that the superhero will be featured in his own special free issue. Those who prefer the DC universe can grab a copy of the Dear Justice League Special Edition, in which the superhero team answers questions posed by young fans.

Other noteworthy offerings feature characters from Netflix's Stranger Things, The CW's Riverdale and Disney's Descendents. Young comic book fans will enjoy Caspers Spookville, featuring Casper the Friendly Ghost, and Go Fish, a fun graphic issue inspired by the popular card game. Sports fans can look forward to Cristiano Ronaldo's superhero comic book debut based on the soccer phenom's upcoming animated television series, which is currently in production.

A wide variety of titles are available to appeal to kids and adults of all ages and interests (Credit

A visit to your local comic book retailer may be worth the time even if none of the free titles appeal to you. That's because most vendors also discount all comic books, as well as other merchandise, substantially on this fun day. So don't forget to mark your calendars and claim a free comic book, or two, on May 4. To find a participating merchant closest to you and see a list of all the free titles that will be available, go to:



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  • marypopcorn
    marypopcornover 1 year
    Were there any Archie comics?
    • sokeefe_forever
      sokeefe_foreverover 1 year
      That's so cool! My brother would really like this, and I would definitely get some Marvel comics!
      • spykitten
        spykittenover 2 years
        I keep forgetting about this day!
        • howls
          howlsover 2 years
          ON MY GOODNESS I LOVE COMIC BOOKS some of my favorite are ms. Marvel \Spider-Man \ Thor my new favorite day of the year 😍
          • sokeefe_forever
            sokeefe_foreverover 1 year
            Oh my goodness, I LOVE THOR!!!! Thor: ragnarok is my favorite Marvel movie, and my favorite comics are also marvel! But I don't read many comics...
          • kittyndogonews
            kittyndogonewsabout 3 years
            I just love comics and they more feelings and emotions putted into it
            • nathantheflame
              nathantheflameabout 3 years
              I have the comic and it is really cool
              • Kiki the wolfover 3 years
                i love sonic comic
                • Pikachuover 3 years
                  I love comic books
                  • yahyeet
                    yahyeetover 3 years
                    my friend and i used to go to gas stations and buy a bunch of marvel and avenger comics
                  • damienover 3 years
                    I love comic books and love spider man into the spider verse.