Massive Jurassic Park-Sized Alligator Strolls Through Florida Golf Course


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A massive alligator was seen meandering across the Valencia Golf and Country Club in Naples, Florida (Credit: YouTube screen capture)

The residents of Florida, which is home to over one million alligators, are no strangers to the apex predators. The massive animals are frequently encountered in swimming pools, ditches, and garages. In 2019, Palm Coast resident Donna Heiss even saw a 7-foot gator peeking through her window! However, the giant reptile recently spotted in Naples, Florida, impressed even the most jaded Floridians.

The approximately 10-foot-long alligator was seen lumbering toward a pond by the 17th hole at the Valencia Golf and Country Club on November 13, 2020. Tyler Stolting, a golf professional at the club who filmed the now-viral video, told The Post, “I was a little shocked, obviously. It was pretty big, biggest one I’ve ever seen!" However, alligators are a common sight at the golf course, and neither he, nor his colleague, Jeff Jones, are concerned about the predator's appearance. When asked if it posed any danger to golfers, Jones quipped, "As long as nobody is feeding him, they will be fine."

As if being home to alligators is not enough, Florida is the only place in the world to also harbor crocodiles. Though the two reptile species often get mixed up, they are very different and do not even belong to the same biological family. Alligators, which sport a dark blackish-gray color, dwell in freshwater habitats and have shorter, more rounded snouts. Thanks to a larger upper jaw, their teeth disappear when their mouths are closed.

Crocodiles, meanwhile, are equipped with special glands in their tongues that can excrete excess salt from their bodies, allowing them to live at sea for weeks. The olive-colored reptiles also have longer, sharper snouts and show their teeth even when their large jaws are shut. Adult crocodiles can grow up to 19 feet long — a full 5 feet more than alligators, which peak at about 14 feet.


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  • www9
    www97 days
    that thing is huge
    • www9
      www97 days
      relly cool dude!!!
      • nitria
        nitriaabout 1 month
        That's REALLY big!!! Usually during tropical storms/floods, alligators/crocodiles go to people's houses and try to eat them since they have been existence before the dinosaurs!
        • arianahinata
          arianahinataabout 1 month
          i have alligator teeth
          • chemistry2
            chemistry2about 1 month
            Alligators are seriously misunderstood if you leave them alone then theyll leave you alone
          • andrewliu1003
            andrewliu1003about 1 month
            Whoa 😳 that’s one big alligator!
            • pink_koala
              pink_koalaabout 2 months
              Soo creepy!
              • jessicakuo925
                I hate alligators,if I was there I would Freak!!! I would scream:ah!ah!ah!and ran around and around and yell:911!911!and then hit the alligator on the head.(I was brave,though.)
                • scorpina123
                  scorpina1233 months
                  if i was there i would run and scream all the way back home. i would be like this..... AHHHH Help theres a giant alligator!!!!!! ;-;
                  • chemistry2
                    chemistry2about 1 month
                    honestly we kill them more than they kill us humans have been hunting alligators to the brink of extinction
                    • remarc
                      remarc14 days
                      yeah it's really popular to have gater skin
                  • dani1409
                    dani14093 months
                    OMG!!!! It's HUGE!!!!!!!😮
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                      So creepy. Probably could eat a human in 10 seconds!P.S. I'm a little scared!!!😬😱😳