Tesla's Latest Electric Vehicle Is Just For Kids!


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Tesla's mini Cyberquad ATV is designed for kids (Credit: Radioflyer.com)

Elon Musk has been teasing fans with the Tesla Cybertruck — the company's first all-electric truck — and the equally futuristic Tesla Cyberquad All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) since 2019. However, the car manufacturer has yet to begin production on either model. Instead, the company made up for the delay by announcing the release of the all-electric Cyberquad for Kids on December 1, 2021.

The sleek vehicle — a collaboration between the Tesla Design Studio and Radio Flyer — is identical to the concept Cyberquad ATV Musk showcased in 2019. It boasts a full steel frame, cushioned seats, and LED light bars. A powerful lithium-ion battery allows young riders to zoom around for 15 miles on a single charge! Even better, the ATV can be recharged in just five hours, ensuring minimal downtime between rides.

The vehicle's adjustable speed setting allows parents to set a maximum speed limit of either five mph or ten mph. The rider can control the pace with a thumb throttle and use the hand brake to bring the ATV to a sudden stop in case of emergencies. The best part? Cyberquad for Kids can support up to 150 pounds of rider weight, which means even adults can join in the fun!

Unfortunately, those hoping to add the ATV to their Christmas wish list are in for a disappointment. Despite a hefty price tag of $1,900, Cyberquad for Kids sold out within hours after they were put up for sale on the company's website. Hopefully, the ATV's demand will encourage Tesla to make more units available soon. Meanwhile, kiddos hunkering hoping for a Tesla will have to settle for the kid's version of the Model S sedan, which is available for a "mere" $499!

Resources: Tesla.com, Radioflyer.com, Forbes.com


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  • masked_wolf
    mad cool bro
    • eccentricmoose2
      too expensive and too slow, you can get something like a hoverboard with a go kart attachment that travels the same speed for 1/8th of the price
      • alex_baumley
        • 5thgradepog
          ;to pricey
          • savage1o8
            savage1o87 days
            • kittemon_world
              I want it!!! also, I agree it kinda looks like a robot
              • megaballs789
                Cool but my parents or me are not going to buy that small slow childrens car for 1900$.
                • rennymarco
                  Oh, cool. I'm not really a fan of cars. But this is still cool!
                  • noodledacuber
                    i wish it went a little faster
                    • idali4life09
                      omg, this is so cool... I guess. #ElonMusk