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China's Hip-Hop Grandmothers

Meet the hip-hop grannies, China's new generation of grandmothers, who shun "Tai Chi" in favor of grooving to the beat of hip-hop music.

It's the Season . . .

As you prepare your Christmas shopping list, don't forget your pet! Increasingly it seems people in the US and around the world are adding their dogs or cats to their Christmas lists and not just for any stuffed animal picked up at the grocery or pharmacy, but for high-end gifts from exclusive stores.

Toyota's Robots Can Do Almost Anything

They guide visitors, chat with clients, play the violin, clean homes and even ferry patients around in a hospital. Meet Toyota's new breed of robots, which are expected to go mainstream, as early as 2010.

It's The Season . . .

Europe's tallest Christmas tree lit up the skies in Porto, Portugal, amongst a stunning fireworks display. Thousands of people came to witness the lighting of this amazing tree, which is 76 meters (about 230 feet) high and illuminated with over three million lights.

Japan's Robots Slug It Out To Win Championship

Japan's twelfth Robo-One championship match, where two-legged robots poke at each other, throw balloons and even sing to try win the world championship, took place on Saturday, December 2nd.

It's The Season . . .

It is that time of the year when we decorate our homes, trees and  . . . ourselves? Check out this fun video on what the folks over in Hong Kong are decorating.

Can't Decide On A Pet? - How About A Python

Can't decide on a pet? How about a python? That's what seven-year-old Cambodian resident Koun Samang has, and they are inseparable!

A Warning for All You Harry Potter Fans

All you Harry Potter fans, be very careful before you put on that wizard's hat!