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Multiplication tricks for numbers close to 10

Last week, we brought you a fun way to learn the nines table.  This week impress your friends and teachers by learning how to multiply numbers closer to ten.

Learn The Nines Multiplication Table in Less Than Five Minutes!

Want to impress your teacher with your multiplication skills?   All you have to do is watch the video below, which teaches you how to master the nines table in less than five minutes!

Not Sure What Kind Of Dog You Want? Rent It!

Seriously, you can do this now!  If you are not sure what kind of dog you want or need to convice your parents that you are going to be sooooooo responsible, rent a dog from

Trouble – The Twelve Million Dollar Dog

When New York heiress Leona Helmsley, (a.k.a, Queen of Mean) died recently, her family discovered that one of the biggest beneficiaries in her will was - Her eight-year old Maltese dog, Trouble!

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