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Video Of The Week - Xmas Greetings From The Forest Animals

In this cute Christmas video, birds, deer, owls, hedgehogs and other wild creatures, lip synch a British Christmas favorite, Stop the Cavalry.

Tight Parking ? - Just Fold Up The Car

30-year old British designer David Goncalves has come up with the perfect solution for inner city traffic congestion and lack of parking - A compact foldable car.

Hey! I Think I Grew This!

Students all across the United States, United Kingdom and even Australia and India, are joining a new trend - organic gardening in school. Their schools have their own gardens in the backyards, where students, under the guidance of their teachers and parent volunteers, grow and cultivate vegetables and fruits, which are used for snacks and sometimes even lunch. 

Rare Leopard Cubs Born In Captivity

Eight-week old Argun and Anuy have no idea how special they are. These two cuties born at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation, a charity that supports rare and endangered cats are amongst only 180 Amur leopards left in the World.

Knut Turns Two

Knut, the German polar bear became an instant darling all over the world in 2006, when he made headlines, after his mother rejected him at birth. People flocked to see him, bought Knut merchandise, and followed his day-to-day life via his online blog.

Looking For A Unique Winter Vacation? Visit The Ice Hotel

Talk about the ultimate green building. This hotel houses and entertains guests all winter and then as summer approaches and the temperatures rise, it simply melts into one giant puddle, only to be re-built, the following year.

Hubcap Art

British artist Ptolemy Elrington is such a staunch believer that one man's junk is another man's treasure,- that he makes a living from it. Working from his studio in Brighton, England he spends his days making beautiful sculptures from discarded car hubcaps.

Chimp Makes Great Surrogate Mum

Ever since she was an infant, Anjana has watched her keeper China York, nurture orphaned baby animals at The Institute of Greatly Endangered Species in South Carolina (TIGERS). It is therefore no wonder that the now two-year old chimpanzee has learnt a trick or two on how to be a caring and loving parent.