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Coming Soon - The World's Biggest Butterfly House

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The United Kingdom will soon be home to the world's largest butterfly house. When ready in March 2011, the $50 million U.S. Dollar project is expected to showcase over 10,000 butterflies and 250 different species.

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano provides a feast for the eyes

The Islands of Hawaii, USA usually associated with beautiful serene beaches is also home to another amazing attraction - active volcanoes. And right now one of its youngest volcanoes, Kilauea is spewing out some spectacular lava on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Oldest Recorded Human Voice

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It is a mere 10-second clip of the French song "Au Clair de La Lune" - yet this first ever known human voice recording by Frenchman Edourado-Leon Scott in April of 1860, has changed history.

Life Is Tough For The World's Tallest Man

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At 8ft 5in, Leonard Stadnik is the tallest man in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. While that sounds really cool and amazing, living a normal life and doing the things we take for granted is a little difficult for this extra-tall man.

Earth Hour 2008 - Switch Off All Lights!

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8.00pm (local time) Saturday, March 29th is Earth Hour. This is when millions of people and businesses around the world will switch off all lights for one hour. The idea behind Earth Hour is to show people how much impact each individual can have in curbing the effects of global warming.

Huge Chunk Of Antarctica Ice Breaks Off

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A 160-mile square mile (four times the size of Paris) chunk of ice broke off yesterday in Western Antarctica. The ice is part of the Wilkins Ice shelf, which at one time covered over 13,000 square miles. However, the rising temperatures have impacted it severely over the years.

Why Are Thousands Of Bats Dying?

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The death of thousands of hibernating bats in caves near New York and Vermont has scientists baffled and concerned. The issue is very similar to the mysterious disappearance of honeybees that has continued to worry scientists and farmers since late last year.

The First House On The Moon?

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A little red house on the moon? If Swedish artist Mikael Genberg has his way this will be a reality by 2011. He has the full support of the Swedish Space Agency and even some big sponsors that include a car rental company and members of the Swedish Government.

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