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Organic Farming In Downtown Manhattan?

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An organic farm in the middle of a concrete jungle like Manhattan? - Sounds impossible? Not if you envision a 'vertical' farm, situated in a 30-storey skyscraper - something that would fit right in with the city's beautiful skyline.

Rare White Lion Cubs Born At German Zoo

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White lions are extremely rare to begin with, so when seven are born on the same day, it is definitely something to celebrate. The seven cuties were born to two different moms, on July 30th at the Zoo in the town of Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock in Germany. Unfortunately one died soon after, but the others seem to be thriving.

Hmm - Which Hand should I Use?

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Life is simple for us human beings - we either prefer doing all our work with our left or right hand. But what happens if you are an octopus and have eight hands to choose from - do you use all your hands or do you still have one or two that you like more?

Entrepreneurial Teens

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Like most high seniors, Brad Cullinan and Katheryn Maloney are trying to earn some money this summer. However, instead of taking up a summer job, they have decided to start up their own little business - making jewelry from dead cicadas.

No Garbage Truck Visits This Community

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While we all talk about the three R's - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle, very few of us pursue it to the extent that the people of Kamikatsu Town in Japan do. They declared war against waste in 2003 and are fast moving toward becoming a 'Zero Waste Town'.

Talented Blackird Driving Family Crazy

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Blackbirds with their distinctive yellow beaks, singing in their rich, varied and flute-like voices are a very common and welcomed sight in London. However not this little talented fella - his singing is driving the Talbot family in whose garden he resides, stir crazy!

Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano: Increasingly Spectacular But Also Toxic

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Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano has been a feast for the eyes ever since it started to actively erupt last year in November.  However, in the last couple of days the lava spew has been even more spectacular and unfortunately more toxic for the residents of the area.

What Will Life Be Like On The Moon?

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About a month ago, scientists from seven NASA agencies and seven U.S. Universities came together on the sand dunes near Moses Lake, Washington to simulate living and working conditions on the moon.

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