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The Arctic Seal Who Is Afraid Of Ice

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First there was Cinders, a pig, with a mud phobia, and now an Arctic Seal who hates ice and keeps trying to escape to the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

Georgia Aquarium's Newest Resident - A 450 pound Manta Ray!

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On Monday, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta unveiled its newest resident, Nandi - A 450 pound manta ray, with a wingspan of 9ft. Nandi is extra special given that she is the first and only manta ray in a U.S. aquarium and one of only four on display in the entire world!

Wild And Wacky Inventions!

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Millions of gadgets and gizmos are invented daily - However, only a lucky few are fortunate to actually get manufactured and even fewer are successful. Over the last 35 years, British author, Maurice Collins has made it his hobby and business to collect as many of these weird and wacky, albeit unsuccessful inventions, as he possibly can.

The Location Of the World's Tallest Tree Is A Big Secret

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Hyperion, the world's tallest tree, is a beautiful coastal redwood that stands proudly in the old redwood forests of Northern California, spanning 379-feet above the ground.

Coming Soon - Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak

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Life in Harry Potter land certainly became more exciting the day he received that package with the invisibility cloak from Dumbledore. If scientists in Berkeley, California are to be believed - our lives may become as exciting soon!

This Turtle Is Soooooooooooo Cute!

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The Bristol Zoo in the UK showed off their latest new addition - this cute Chinese matchbox turtle, which hatched about three weeks ago. The baby turtle weighs only 15 gms (52 ounces) and measures about 4 centimeters long.

White-Tailed Eagle Plays Fetch

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Evie, a beautiful white-tailed sea eagle with a wingspan of over 8ft and talons as big as a man's hand has an unusual hobby - she loves to chase after tennis balls!

Thousands of Endangered Gorillas Found In Africa

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Most stories on endangered animals end on a sad note - however here is one that is really exciting and uplifting. Last Tuesday, the U.S. based Wildlife Conservation Society announced that they had found over 125,000 rare endangered gorillas in the swamps of Congo, Africa.

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