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Bionic Power - generate electricity while you walk!

Talk about the ultimate green power! - Harness your own energy to generate electricity that can charge your cell phone, ipod and even your flashlight while on a hike. The possibilities are endless............

Space Shuttle Atlantis finally blasts off

After months of delay, Space Shuttle Atlantis finally blasted off into space yesterday, carrying with it Europe's gift to the International Space Station, a $2 billion (US Dollars), science lab named Columbus.

Southern U.S. States Hit By Powerful Tornadoes

Powerful tornadoes swept through the Southern U.S. States of Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Alabama. The storms, which hit Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, are the worst ones to strike the area over the last decade.

The Beatles play for Space Aliens

Yesterday the folks at NASA completed yet another successful mission. However, unlike their other missions, this did not entail sending an Astronaut on a dangerous spacewalk or launching a space shuttle. Entitled "To boldly go where no music has ever gone before"  - this mission was to beam music into deep space for the first time ever.

Astronauts Undertake Risky Spacewalk To Repair Solar Panel

Two American astronauts, Commander Peggy Whitson and Flight Engineer, Daniel Tani conducted a risky spacewalk to replace a motor on a solar panel at the International Space Station, on Wednesday.

Watch out kids - here come "The Cubinator"

Watch out kids, here comes "The Cubinator" - a puzzle-solving robot that is currently being displayed at the Toy Fair in London.

Stylish, Fast and Green - This Car's Got It All!

It looks like a Porsche, drives like a Ferrari and is more environmentally friendly than a Prius. Meet the world's coolest alternative fuel car - The Tesla Roadster.

Have a couple of hours? - How about a quick jaunt to Space?

If you have two hours and $200,000 US Dollars to spare, Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic promises you the ride of a lifetime - A trip to Space!