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Enchanted - Coming To Theatres On November 21st

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Disney's "Enchanted", which comes to theatres this thanksgiving weekend is a fun mix of animation and live action.

Multiplication tricks for numbers close to 10

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Last week, we brought you a fun way to learn the nines table.  This week impress your friends and teachers by learning how to multiply numbers closer to ten.

You Have Seen The Sunset, Now Watch An "Earthset"

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We have all seen the sunset. Now watch this fascinating video of an "Earthset"; pictures taken by Kaguya, a lunar explorer operated by Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Shuttle Discovery's Adventure In Space

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When the crew of Shuttle Discovery left for space on Tuesday, October 23rd,  they knew that their work at the International Space Station was going to be challenging.  However, they could have never anticipated (expected), the unexpected challenge they had to overcome. Read on for Discovery's adventure in Space.

Learn The Nines Multiplication Table in Less Than Five Minutes!

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Want to impress your teacher with your multiplication skills?   All you have to do is watch the video below, which teaches you how to master the nines table in less than five minutes!

Fred Claus - Released In Theatres On Nov 9th

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 Fred Claus, which opened to mixed reviews this Friday, is about the adventures of the big Clause's elder brother, who to put it mildly, was not as "nice" or "good" as Santa Clause.

Brainbows - See What Your Brain Looks Like

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This may look like modern art, but it actually is the inside of the brain of a genetically engineered mouse.

Bee Movie - Reviews

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The Bee Movies received some great reviews from DOGONews readers. 

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