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Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado

The 12th Annual Winter X Games kicked off in Aspen, Colorado on January 25th. This three-day event, that features snowboarding, extreme Skiing and Snowmobile Racing is filled with thrilling action.

Calling all Hannah Montana Fans!

In case you are like most of us and couldn't get tickets to the "Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus - Best of both Worlds Concert", here is your chance to view a 3-D movie version in theatres.


Welcome to 2008! We wish all our DOGONews readers the very best in 2008.  Let's kick back with a glass of sparkling Apple Cider and enjoy the spectacular shows from all across the Globe.

The Real Spiderman

Meet Alain Robert, the real Spiderman.  Like the other superhero, Alain likes to climb tall structures.  However, he doesn't need to cast a web in order to climb - he does it with his bare hands.

The Making of Transformers - the Movie

Ever wonder how a movie like "Transformers" is made? Check out this fascinating video and hear the filmmakers talk about how the film "transformed" from the computer screen to the big screen.

It's The Season . . .

Last week, we brought you Europe's largest Christmas tree. This week we bring you what has officially been declared by the Guinness Book of World Records as the "World's largest floating Christmas tree."

It's the Season . . .

As you prepare your Christmas shopping list, don't forget your pet! Increasingly it seems people in the US and around the world are adding their dogs or cats to their Christmas lists and not just for any stuffed animal picked up at the grocery or pharmacy, but for high-end gifts from exclusive stores.

This Balloon Won't Pop

This week we bring you another science experiment that can be performed at home. Not only is the experiment easy and fun to do, it also demonstrates how the earth's weather patterns work.

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