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Mmmm . . . . Yummy eggs ! — Oops They Are Golf Balls!

This greedy python in Brisbane, Australia mistook four golf balls for eggs and quickly devoured them. The golf balls had been left in the chicken coop by the owners to try encourage the hens to lay more eggs.

Remote Festival Attracts Fans From All Over The World

It takes hours of travel across sandy dunes and rocky terrain to get to one of the world's most remote music festivals. However, this doesn't seem to deter fans of Mali's "Festival of the Desert", who make the pilgrimage annually in mid-January.

Merry Christmas! - Now let's fight!

While most of us sit back and relax after a big Christmas meal, residents of Peru like to work it off with a friendly fist fight. The traditional festival known as Takanakuy or 'fighter' starts with dancing and a religious procession.

Tokyo Zoo Celebrates Birth Of A Baby Tapir

A Tokyo Zoo received an extra special Christmas gift this year - the birth of a Malay Tapir, an endangered animal, found usually in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

China's Hip-Hop Grandmothers

Meet the hip-hop grannies, China's new generation of grandmothers, who shun "Tai Chi" in favor of grooving to the beat of hip-hop music.

More than 100 years old, This Rolls Royce Keeps Chugging

The world's oldest Rolls Royce was manufactured in 1904 and is the fourth Rolls Royce off the assembly line (fourth one to be built). It is a convertible with a 10-horsepower engine and is still running!

Brazil's Indigenous Olympics

While the World Olympics take place every four years, Brazil's indigenous Olympic event takes place every year. This year's event was held in the Northeastern State of Pernambuco on November 30th.

The Modern Day Titanic

Just like the Titanic, a Canadian cruise ship hit submerged (hidden) ice in the frozen waters near Antarctica and started to sink on Friday November 23rd. However, this story has a much happier ending.