Current Events for March 6, 2012Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 7:29 am

Mr. BoyerBe sure to read and comment on three different articles. Make sure that your comments are in complete and meaningful sentences.

Acrobat Gets Ready To Tightrope Across The Niagara Falls

Ever since he was 2-years old Nik Wallenda has been fantasying about walking across the mighty Niagara Falls on a tightrope. So strong was his desire that he even coerced his mother to make him special suede shoes. This summer, his dream of 'disappearing into the mist and coming out at the other end', may finally come true!

300 Million-Year-Old Fossilized Forest Discovered Near Inner Mongolia's Wuda Coal Mine

A University of Pennsylvania paleontologist and a team of Chinese researchers recently stumbled upon an amazing discovery in Northern China - A perfectly fossilized forest that dates all the way back to the Permian Period, when the Earth's plates were still moving towards each other to form the super continent Pangea.

Cable Television Goes To The Dogs - No, Really!

Does your pooch look sad when you leave for school each morning? Does it spend the entire day staring at the walls, bored out of its mind? Then DogTV - A 24-hour television channel dedicated to canines is just what you may be looking for!

Will Google's Futuristic Goggles Really Be This Cool?

Search behemoth Google Inc. is always coming with exciting new inventions - First there was the self-driving vehicle and now, Google Goggles! While the name may appear a little goofy, if rumors of all the features they incorporate are true, the goggles are guaranteed to be one of the coolest gizmos to hit the market since, well sliced bread!

North Yorkshire's Mysterious Tree Sculptor Finally Revealed

For the last two months, the residents of the historic town of Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, UK have been scratching their heads in amazement as they watched the radical transformation of ordinary trees in the nearby woods, into extraordinary works of art.

Alexander Graham Bell, The Recording Artist?

Alexander Graham Bell is best known for the invention of the telephone. However, the brilliant scientist also did a number of other things Including, experiment with recording devices to capture sound.

Zebras Have Their Own Bug Repellent?

Eww bugs! They are so annoying! We humans are lucky that we can apply repellents to avoid nasty bites. But what's an animal to do? They have no choice but to spend their days shooing them off with their tails, unless of course they are zebras, who apparently have an automatic repellent - Their striped skin!

Video Of The Week - Human Mattress Dominos Topple World Record

It seems as though people will do almost anything to get into the Guinness World Records - create gum wrapper chains, host large tea parties, turn themselves into human torches and even, as was recently the case, topple over each other like dominos while lying on mattresses.
  • william5b
    william5balmost 12 years
    I wonder where it will be available like what countrys and price it seems that it would be available in Japan now because something to show yen
    • william5b
      william5balmost 12 years
      I think that it may be a waste of electricity because they said that dogs have a short attention span and they may just not use the TV after five minutes.
      • kaden5f
        kaden5falmost 12 years
        I think it's goood that Zebra's have bug repalent so the flies and evvery other insect that likes it will leave it alone so it's a good idea but horses how do they prevent them from getting annoyed by bugs there hould be a way to prevant that I think that they have a good idea painting horses but it still might not help and every single horse in the U.S.A that wil be very hard so they need some kind of spray or seal and a smell or a trap something ike that im not sure but i will be hard but easy.BYE BYE this is Kaden5f peace
        • skylar5r
          skylar5ralmost 12 years
          i think it would be really fun to do this .because its somthing new and it looks fun.

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