Current Events for November 18, 2013Monday, November 18, 2013 at 1:39 pm

Mrs. CollinsPlease read the article about the one word that can be understood almost universally.

Researchers Reveal The One Word That Can Be Understood Almost Universally

What is the one word that you can speak in almost any country in the world and be understood? If your response to that is 'Huh?' - You are absolutely right! This three letter word that we often use to express our confusion or unclearness is apparently used in almost the same form, all the way from Ghana to Laos and even Iceland!

Japanese Scientists Uncover Cool Optical Illusion

Focusing on the red cross, look carefully at this picture. What do you see? White dots wriggling around in different directions and colliding? What if we tell you that the dots are not wriggling around, but are actually moving in a straight trajectory and even worse, they never meet each other at all!

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