The Hour of CodeTuesday, December 8, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Mrs. StryckerAfter reading "The Hour of Code," answer the following article Comprehension questions with clear and specific answers. 1) What is the 'Hour of Code?
2) What do kids have to do during the 'Hour of Code?
3) How many countries are expected to participate this year?

'Hour of Code' - The Largest Learning Event In History Is Almost Here!

While physics, chemistry, and biology are a norm at all schools, computer science is still a nascent subject. It is estimated that just 10 percent of American schools offer computer science and only 19% of high school students graduate with the course under their belt. Seattle-based non-profit wants to change that by exposing every student in the world to this all important science that is the basis of the digital world we live in.

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