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Video Of The Week - Rakuten's Delivery Drone Serves Up Refreshments To Hungry Golfers

On May 9, Japanese online retailer Rakuten announced the nation’s first drone delivery service at Tokyo’s Camel Golf Resort. Called Tenku, the autonomous vehicle, which has the capacity to carry up to 2kg can be summoned by golfers to bring snacks, drinks, and even equipment like balls, while enjoying a round of golf.

Cracking Up With A Friend Or Politely Chuckling With A Stranger? Your Laughter Reveals It All!

Laughter, be it a loud guffaw or a well-mannered giggle, is a universal way to express joy. But as it turns out, your chuckle reveals a lot more than the fact that you are happy. It enables listeners, even those that cannot observe you, instantly realize if you are having a good time with a close friend or laughing politely with a complete stranger. 

EasyJet's Smart "Sneakairs" Makes Sightseeing Effortless

Most airlines go all out to ensure their passengers have the best possible flight experience. Now, Europe’s low-budget airline easyJet, wants to extend the positive experience beyond the plane ride with “Sneakairs” — Smart shoes that allow visitors to explore new cities and towns without ever looking at a map.

Paralyzed Ohio Man Becomes First Person In The World To Move Limbs With The Power Of Thought

Twenty-four-year-old Ohio resident Ian Burkhart had lost all hope of being able to move his limbs again after a tragic diving accident left him paralyzed, six years ago. But on April 13, doctors from The Ohio State University and Battelle Memorial Institute reported that for the first time in medical history, they had been able to restore movement to the young man’s fingers without the use of external prosthetics. This means that Ian can now perform tasks like brushing his teeth, pouring water into a glass, and even playing Guitar Hero by just thinking about them. Though these may seem like small feats, they are tremendous achievements for someone whose body has been totally lifeless for many years.

North Carolina Dog Walks Himself To Doggy Daycare To Be With Friends

Most dogs hate being dropped off at daycare — Not Riley! In fact, the five-year-old golden retriever, who lives in Belmont, North Carolina, loves being at the Happy Dog Cafe & Boutique so much that he recently decided to pay the center a visit all by himself.

Video Of The Week — Muggles Play Quidditch Harry Potter Style

Harry Potter’s favorite game Quidditch, has been a legitimate sport at high schools and colleges worldwide for over a decade. But no Muggle has ever played the game flying across the sky on a broomstick like the wizards did in J.K. Rowling’s popular book series.

Florida's Babcock Ranch Aims To Be America's Greenest Town

When a 91,000-acre piece of vacant land came up for sale in Southwest Florida about ten years ago, it attracted builders from across the country. After all, the chance to develop an area almost five times the size of Manhattan does not come frequently. But to everyone’s surprise, the owners did not auction the property that lies just 20 minutes from Fort Myers to the highest bidder. Instead, they sold it to Palm Beach-based Kitson & Partners who not only promised to preserve a bulk of the land, but also use the remaining acreage to build an environmentally friendly town.

Award-Winning "SignAloud" Glove Translates American Sign Language To Speech

Hundreds of thousands of hearing-impaired people in the United States and many parts of Canada rely solely on American Sign Language (ASL) for communication. But popular as the language is, there are millions of people with normal hearing that are unable to decipher the hand and finger gestures. That may change soon thanks to the ingenious “SignAloud” glove that converts sign language into speech. 

ISS Astronauts Begin Testing BEAM — The World's First Inflatable Space Habitat

On May 26, NASA astronaut Jeff Williams spent seven hours inflating the first expandable room at the International Space Station. Called Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, or BEAM, the balloon-like structure that measures 10-feet by 13-feet, (about the size of an average bedroom) when fully inflated, is the first prototype of what NASA experts hope will be the space habitat of the future. The compressed module arrived at the ISS aboard the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft on April 8 and was put in place outside the Tranquility module by ISS’s robotic arm, Canadarm2.

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