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Gumball 3000 Rally Begins In San Francisco

The streets leading up to San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel were brimming with thousands of people on Saturday morning, as fans of exotic cars gathered to watch the flag off of the 10th Annual Gumball 3000 Rally.

Spiderman Strikes Twice In One Day!

The New York Times building in downtown Manhattan had a very busy Thursday. It was the venue of not one but two 'Spidermen', both climbing to the top of the 52-storey building with just their bare hands!

Robotic Arm Performs Brain Surgery

Surgeons in Calgary, Canada made history this week, when they successfully removed an egg-shaped tumor from 21-year old Paige Nickason's brain, using a newly developed robotic system, called NeuroArm.

It's The Season . . .

Last week, we brought you Europe's largest Christmas tree. This week we bring you what has officially been declared by the Guinness Book of World Records as the "World's largest floating Christmas tree."

Plight Of The Antarctic Penguins

The fascinating documentary "March of the Penguins"  touched on some of the issues faced by the "Emperor Penguins", due to global warming. Now scientists are predicting even more dire(dismal) consequences if some preventive measures are not taken soon.

Airbus Lands On Glacial Runway In Antarctica

On December 12th, a passenger jet made history by landing on a new 'blue ice' runway, in Australia's Antarctic territory. The 2.5 miles long, 700 meters thick track is tricky not just because of the ice, but also because it shifts about 12 meters southwest annually, thanks to the natural underlying movement of the glaciers.

Skateboarding Anyone?

Skateboarding is finally getting the respect it deserves. What used to be considered a dangerous and reckless hobby is now being accepted as a mainstream sport. The momentum has become so positive, that there is a strong possibility of skateboarding being included as an official sport in the 2012 Olympics in London.

Toyota's Robots Can Do Almost Anything

They guide visitors, chat with clients, play the violin, clean homes and even ferry patients around in a hospital. Meet Toyota's new breed of robots, which are expected to go mainstream, as early as 2010.

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