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'Fearless Felix' Breaks The Sound Barrier!

On Sunday October 14th, over eight million people tuned in to YouTube to watch Felix Baumgartner as he attempted his historic leap, from the edge of Space - And they were not disappointed. Not only did the 43-year old daredevil complete the jump as planned, at the end of the epic event, he simply got up and walked over to greet his cheering fans.

The Fascinating Migration Trek Of Monarch Butterflies Has Begun!

Right about now, thousands of Monarch butterflies are beginning to make their way from North America's colder regions to their winter homes in California and Mexico, where they will spend the season hibernating, before heading back in early spring next year. This round-trip, which in some cases spans about 2,000 miles each way and can take as long as two months, is unique and fascinating for a number of reasons.

How Long Can You Resist A Marshmallow?

How long can you resist a marshmallow? For a minute, maybe two - How about 20 minutes? Believe it or not, the answer to that simple question, could shape your entire future - At least that, is the conclusion reached by University of Stanford scientist Walter Mischel the brainchild behind the now legendary 'Stanford Marshmallow' test.

Lonesome George, The Last Giant Tortoise Of Its Species Is No More!

On Sunday June 25th, 2012, Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, best known for its giant tortoises had some sad news to report - its most famous bachelor, a tortoise nicknamed 'Lonesome George' was found dead by its keeper of 40 years. What makes the death even more poignant is the fact that he was the last known living member of the Pinta Island giant tortoise subspecies.

This Sunday, Get Ready To Laugh - A Lot!

This Sunday, May 6th is World Laughter Day, a special day that can be celebrated by anyone, anywhere - All they have to do, is laugh aloud and rambunctiously, with no inhibitions. Celebrated annually on the first Sunday of May, the fun event was started by Indian physician Dr. Madan Kataria.

Watch Out! It's April Fool's Day

While April 1st, better known as April Fool's Day, is technically not a holiday, it is a favorite especially for people who like to pull pranks. While the origin of this tradition is a little sketchy, some believe that the light-hearted fun began in 1582, when the Julian calendar (which began the New Year in April), was replaced with today's Gregorian calendar. Others think it was to mark the change of seasons. No matter what its origins, the day can be a lot of fun!

The Biggest Solar Storm To Hit Earth In Five Years, Passes Without Incident

On Thursday, March 8th, scientists from all over the world watched with abated breath, as a powerful solar storm hit earth. While the first day proved to be quite benign, the intensity of the solar flares increased dramatically into early Friday.

A School With No Classrooms Or Grades? Sweet!

Though teaching techniques have come a long way, the mode of communicating them remains pretty much the same since the concept of school was invented - Students with varying calibers and interests are forced into a classroom, where they spend the day learning from a pre-determined curriculum. Now, a European country is trying to change that by building radical schools that have no classrooms, no preset subject lessons and best of all, no grades!

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