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Badwater Ultramarathon Tests The Limits Of Human Endurance

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Running a single marathon is hard enough. Now imagine running five of them back-to-back in temperatures exceeding 120°F and you will understand why the Badwater Ultramarathon is often referred to, as the 'world's toughest footrace'.

Volunteers Form Human Wall To Guide Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtles To Sea

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Though it is common for the volunteers of Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire to ensure that the hundreds of loggerhead sea turtles that hatch on the beaches of the Caribbean Island make it to sea each year, the task usually involves just keeping an eye on them. This year, they had to do something they have never done before - Create a human wall for some of the little ones that were confused as to the path to the ocean.

Solar-Powered Plane Completes Historic 'Across America' Flight

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Solar Impulse, the world's first single passenger solar-powered airplane has come a long way since its first flight in 2009, when it rose a mere 3 feet above the ground and flew for just 1,150 feet in the 30 seconds it was in air. In 2012, the elegant green flying machine successfully completed an intercontinental trip from Europe to Africa and on July 6th, 2013, added another feather or should we say 'wing' to its cap, with a flight across the United States of America.

It's Official! Chickens Are Smarter Than Human Toddlers!

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First there was the revelation that roosters really do have an automatic built-in clock, alerting them to the time of day. Now, a new report claims that chickens are no bird brains - In fact they are smarter then most four-year old human toddlers! The review which was commissioned by Britain's Happy Egg Company, was compiled using twenty years of research data. Here are some of the things University of Bristol Professor Christine Nicol, was able to uncover in her recently release report entitled 'The Intelligent Hen'.

Nik Wallenda Completes Another Death-Defying Tightrope Walk

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In the last six years, Nik Wallenda has conducted numerous death-defying tightrope walks, including one across the Niagara Falls, in 2012. But the one he has been dreaming about ever since he can remember, is crossing the mighty Grand Canyon - And while the National Park officials would not grant him permission, on Sunday June 23rd, he came pretty close to achieving it, by walking across the nearby Little Colorado Gorge, that lies on Navajo land.

Sunday June 23rd's Supermoon The Biggest Since 1993

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If tonight (Sunday June 23rd) the full moon looks a little larger than normal, it is! In fact it is so big that scientists call it a supermoon. And while this phenomenon occurs annually, this year is extra special because the moon is as close as it can get to earth, which means that it will appear even bigger and brighter than most years.

It's Summer Solstice - The Day When The Sun Stands Still!

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If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, June 21st may seem like a day when the sun has forgotten to set and depending on where you live that may actually be true, because today happens to be not just the first day of summer, but also, the longest day of the year!

Google's Project (Bal)Loon Hopes To Bring Internet To The Entire World

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For the lucky few that live in developed countries, having access to fast reliable Internet is a no-brainer. It is therefore easy to forget that over five billion people or a majority of the world is not as fortunate. But if search giant Google has its way, that may soon, be a thing of the past.

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