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Video Of The Week - First Dog Goes On An Easter Egg Hunt

One of the most fun Easter traditions is the egg hunt. And while most of you have probably just completed yours, the youngest member of the White House, first dog Bo got to go on his, in mid-March. Not only that, he was all alone, which meant that he did not have to jostle with anyone, for the eggs.

Continue Celebrating 'Read Across America Day' With These Inspiring Authors

Friday, March 1st, was Read Across America - A special day set aside to honor the birthday of our beloved author, Dr. Seuss - one during which schools, libraries and bookstores all around the country, hosted special events to encourage kids to read.

Video Of The Week - World's Longest Water Slide Was Open . . . Only Two Days!

When charities are trying to raise money, they usually do it with mundane things like selling raffles, holding auctions or having bake sales - But not two New Zealand residents, who lived up to their life's motto of 'living more awesome' by constructing the world's longest and muddiest water slide - A 650 meter (2,132 feet) monster - All to raise awareness and funds for people suffering from depression.

Create 3D Objects From 'Thin Air' With The Awesome 3Doodler

Let's face it, though building models for school projects can be fun, they can be very time consuming not to mention difficult especially, if the structures have to be 3 Dimensional. But if WobbleWorks LLC has its way you will soon be able to create anything you want from thin air - All you will need is some creativity and the magical 3Doodler!

Celebrating Black History Month

Observed annually during the month of February, Black History Month is an important American tradition that dates all the way back to 1926. It was established by historian Carter G. Woodson to ensure that contributions made by African American men and women throughout history, would not be forgotten.

US Gymnast  Out Scowled By President Obama!

While everything about the 2012 Summer Olympics was mesmerizing, some moments will forever be etched in our minds - Oscar Pistorius running on his carbon fiber legs, Michael Phelps celebrating his final swim and most of all, US silver medalist McKayla Maroney, scowling in disappointment!

4-Year Old Pekingese Retires After Winning America's Most Prestigious Dog Show

He came, he strutted and to everyone's surprise - he conquered! That pretty much sums up the reaction that many people had when 4-year old Pekingese, Malachy was named Top Dog at the 136th Westminster Kennel Dog Show, which took place at New York's Madison Square Garden on February 14th. However, while the audience may have been a little surprised by the stubby hair ball's victory, Malachy was not - After all, this was his 115th 'Best of The Show' title.

Video Of The Week - The Pig Gymnast

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade - That is the attitude this two-legged pig that resides in China's Anhui Province seems to have adopted and, he appears to be quite content.