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    I think the book is fantasticfabulouso .It's like so awesome.I like the part where Shadow clan and Thunder clan fight in the Thunder clan territory.The book is about a kitty pet who gets chosen into the Thunder clan.In this book all of the cats in Thunder clan are in danger after two deputy leaders in Thunder clan die. As you read this book you will find as there are more suspicions in the book no one can be trusted.
    Over 7 years ago
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    I think this book is marvelous. One good part of the book is when Kendra throws the object of light to Lena and she connects the object to the nail and Kurisock and Ephira die.It also has some sad parts which I think is fantastic especially when the book's genre is adventure.
    Over 7 years ago
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    It is so cool especially after so much spells and mysteries. To cool to be true because there are so much dramatic times.Like when they battled at Hogwarts students verses Death Eaters.
    Over 7 years ago

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