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    This book was about a boy name castle and how he likes to be called ghost .His farther try to shoot him and his mom for leaving him and as they flee they hid in basment of a store of Mr.charles , thye called the police and dad got arrested.And how castle used to get in a lot of trouble at school getting a lot of alterations and how after school castle didnt like going home after school so one day he went to the track and saw these kids running on a track team and how this kid was fast lu and how the coach was acting like no one can catch up to him or beat him so castle challenged him and he was just as fast as him even probaly beated him and how the coach put castle on the team and he couldn't get any more trouble in school.
    Over 4 years ago
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    By Jason Reynolds
    Over 4 years ago
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    Yes I would recommend this book for others people to read it because The book was about the main character(ha) and how her hometown was going into war with the north vietname and how her family had to flee and how there was challenges along the way. So the place they went to was ALabama and how they were even poorer then they
    Over 4 years ago
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    Over 4 years ago

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