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    A new app game was released recently by google called Alpha Go. This app was inspired by a 3000 year old game. It’s an Ancient Chinese game that is played with two people and on this app there is 10761 possible ways you can win! It is actually a computer that is being used to defeat world champions in the board game Go! People believe that this app is smarter than humans and is a computer. This game is similar to chess and is a game where you have to be very skillful. This app is being used to defeat world champions and test their level of skill and ability. The app is not completely finished yet and still needs to be fixed but I think that this will be a fun and challenging app to test the human brain.
    Over 6 years ago
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    This article is about how computers might be able to detect boredom in the future. Although the computer doesn't read your mind, it does detect actions and movements that we make when we are bored. Apparently less movement converts into less boredom. This article says that the number of fidgety movements or actions increases by approximately 42% when bored. This theory was proven by a survey when Witchel invited 27 people to be absorbed in digital content in groups of three minutes ranging from games to EU banking regulations. When or if the computer detects that you are bored it will give you a different task to do that is more interesting or one that you will enjoy in order for you to do better and for the task to be more enjoyable. Scientists think that this new piece of technology can be used to provide a better digital learning experience.
    Over 6 years ago

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