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    I think this book it amazing! there is one thing though the reson i gave it 4 stars is becuase the boy is wearing a mask over his face i think it would be better if he would just show his own face if people doint like me for who he is they are just haters and they "THINK" they are better but even though they might be rich doesnt mean they can bully kids because how they look or anything because you doint know whats going on in his life unless they are there mom or dad or something but if someone bullys you you have every right to tell an adult and if its an adult bullying you tell like you parents or your teacher and if you doint feel happy and you deperesed please just think of something that could make you happy like buy a dog/ cat (or pet) doint hang yourself and commit suicide. its always best to tell an adult your problums .
    Over 2 years ago

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