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    The story anything but typical is an amazing story about an autistic boy named jason trying to live his life. It is written by the famous author Nora Raleigh Baskin. The main character's name is Jason. He is autistic but he really tries in life but no one else can seem to understand him. He is nice and kind but sometimes is out of control. Even though sometimes he can be different. Tries to be normal. The setting of the book start at Jason's house and Jason's School. Jason school and school move are really hard on him just because of his autism and all of the other kids seems to be mean to him. His parents understand him but it is still hard. His brother Jeremy also has problems but only because he is paranoid to have his food touch other food. Jason finds a girl online on his story board website. He uses this website to write stories and it on other people comment. One person commented and she seems to really like the book and Jason and her started to chat. They are both going to the storyboard convention but are they going to meet and if they do will Rebecca see him as it truly is or only I do his autism makes him look like. The thing I like about the writing style that the author used was she wrote the story in Jason's mind and you got to read what it was like To be in his mind. It really helps you understand the plot because you know what he is feeling and we can use that to figure out what he will do next. She doesn't know because she can't see me nothing here is Braille and Rebecca's blind. My father is wrong. There is such a thing as luck. I chose this because It shows that when jason was so scared that rebecca would only see him as his autism and he finds out that she is blind and a huge relief comes from jason. Anything but typical made me start to understand how hard it is for autistic people. It is an amazing story with different settings and different people. This story is amazing and interesting. This book has the schneider family book award which is one more reason to read it.
    Over 4 years ago
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    By Nora Raleigh Baskin
    Over 4 years ago

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