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    This book is really good because it's a book of revenge, even though they did not get the revenge yet. This book will not be good for you if you don't like killing, (well, of course you don't!), this book has a lot of murdering in it.
    About 9 years ago
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    This book was really awesome and interesting and it was a great mystery! I got hooked to it! This book is also really great because....................... Well, it's so awesome I don't know what words to use!!!!!!!!!! :D ;D I definitely recommend this book!!!!!
    About 9 years ago
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    This book is also really awesome along with the first one!!!!!! I am only on about page 150, or around there. I forgot to bring it home for the weekend to read and I am really upset about that. Percy finds out he has a half brother! And camp Half-Blood is in danger because Thalia's tree is poisoned, so monsters can reach the territory of the camp. Percy, Annabeth and Percy's half brother have to sneak away from camp to find the cure for Thalia's tree so camp can be saved , and they have to save Grover. I recommend this who;e series!!!!!!!
    About 9 years ago

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