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    Wonder is an amazing book about a boy named August or "Auggie" Auggie is deformed and he was home schooled by his mom but now, his parents agreed to send him to public middle school. He meets new friends like Summer and Jack well. Julian is also a boy and really hates August. Auggie tries to survive the difficult middle school with the help of his friends....
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    Wonder is a fantastic story, that teaches others to be kind. Not only to the people you like, nor if they look pretty or handsome. You should be kind to everyone, no matter what thing or situation. Wonder is about a boy named August (Auggie) Pullman. He wants to be an ordinary kid, that's all. But he says he just isn't. Let's take a look in the past. Auggie was given birth by his mother, and the doctor was a teenage newbie. When the assistant doctors first saw Auggie's face, they ran from the room. As Auggie grew up, he was given at least 27 surgeries to help his face. Now let's go back to the present. Auggie is now at 5th grade, at Breech Prep Middle. Everybody always takes a look at him, look away, then look back again, according to Auggie. Auggie now has to fend off bullies and also try to fit in and act ordinary. This story goes on, and I just want to pause it here because I want you to read this heartwarming story that everybody should understand. I give this book 5/5 because it teaches a lesson. A lesson that everyone should remember.
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