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    A computer is never supposed to be able to think and act like a human. Everyone in this world thought this was impossible to achieve until the release of he new app called AlphaGo. It has been designed to play the ancient Asian game called Go, and is programmed to choose the best answer in a short time. No one in this world has ever thought that a computer can go against a world champion player and win! Some people say that this program is manually controlled by another player, but that's not true. The app is a program, and has no way of thinking like a normal human would. It has no way of predicting the opponents next move because there way to many ways to win or lose a game of Go. And even if it is manually controlled, how can one player play more than 10,000 games at a time? That's impossible to do, even if you are the Champion of the World at this game.
    About 5 years ago
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    On March 2, a Soyzu TMA-18A spacecraft landed on a remote area of Kazakhstan. The spacecraft carried an American astronaut, Scott Kelly, and a Russian astronaut called Mikhail Kornienko who just came back down to earth after a 340 day mission on board the International Space Station. On this trip, they orbited the earth 5,440 times, travelling more than 143,840,000 miles in space, and witnessing more than 10,900 sunsets and sunrises.
    About 5 years ago

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