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    The title of this book is The Miscalculations Of Lightning Girl the author of this book is Stacy Mcanulty. This book was written in 2018. The book had a little bit of ups and downs that went along with the characters feelings and emotions. The characters had amazing character traits. This author described the setting with a lot of details that made it easy for me to create a picture in my head as I was reading. Here is a little bit of the ending so you can mostly know a bit on what the story is based on. Lucy, Windy, and Levi drive in to animal control because P.I (the dog) had cancer. Lucy posted P.I on Math Whiz to ask her friends if they can adopt the dog but no one can adopt P.I because everyone lives in other countries and states. Luckily, Mr.Strocker has an account because he is a math teacher. He saw the post and ended up adopting the dog. That is a little bit of the ending and if you want more...just read the book it is not that long of a book honestly. In my opinion I liked this book because my favorite part was the detailed characters and the strong ending. I liked this ending because it was very creative and informative. It was a happy ending and I finished reading the book and felt joyful. The strong setting made it easy to imagine the location in my head. Stacy Mcanulty told me a lot of details about P.I. that I could picture a cute white dog in my mind as I was reading. The most memorable part was when Lucy and Windy became friends on the bus. In my opinion this part was one of my favorite parts because Windy was kind of nerdy but did Lucy care? Absolutely NOT! They had a strong relationship even stronger than mine with my friends! The author really pulled me into the book; it really made me feel like I was their friend too. Everything made me want to read more. I couldn’t put the book down. I would recommend this book to kids who are 7 and up and who like adventure and a happy endings. I would also recommend this book to animal lovers. This book also has some really sad parts if you don’t like sad stuff then don’t read this cause it gets really sad. I almost ended up in tears but I would still give the book a big thumbs up and five stars because it was so realistic. Good news that this book has a lot of five star reviews, 60% four stars, and only 1% of one stars. Go out and grab a copy today! I am telling you are going to be so thankful that you read it!
    Almost 2 years ago
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    The non-fiction or fantasy question I did had more replies than I expected and hoped!!! Thanks to everyone who answered. I think I'm going to do another one. Would you rather lose an arm or lose a leg? Plz answer, it really makes me feel like apart of the DOGO community. THANKS!!! 😁
    Almost 2 years ago
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